starting a bathroom renovation

Starting a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a challenging yet exciting task, especially if it needs a complete overhaul. Before you jump to picking bathtub designs or tiles, you need to face the less exciting things. There’s plenty to do from the walls to the floors to the lighting, so it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

How to Start a Bathroom Renovation

After determining your budget, start planning everything relevant to your project. To facilitate your bathroom renovation and help you deal with everything that may come up, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow checklist for the best results possible.

1) Deciding on Your Budget

As stated above, the first thing you should do is to determine your budget. That will give you an idea of what elements you are really able to remodel and how much you can spend on your renovation. Once you have set your budget, you will have a clear sense of how much to spend on materials, fixtures, tiles, and extras. But more importantly, you need to share the parameters of your budget with those quoting on your work.

If your Contractor does not understand and appreciate your budget, what are they actually quoting on? For them, it’s like throwing darts in the dark. You wouldn’t buy a car or your house, without some consideration of your budget for those purchases.

The same applies to your renovations. Having your Contractor give you his “best” price, or try to figure out your budget actually leads to confusion and creates wide gaps between what you may be expecting and what is being offered. Any responsible Contractor will help you to work with your budget and reach your renovation goals smoothly.

2) Planning Around Your Inspiration

Once you’ve gathered pertinent project images, reviewed home design websites, and checked out some showrooms you will be able to see how various trends emerge, and more importantly, which ones inspire you.

bathroom renovation planning

Share this with your Contractor and his design team to help them focus on those elements which inspire you and bring new spirit to your home and family.

3) Setting a Realistic Time Frame

If you need to remodel a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean the renovation will happen quickly. Many people get fooled into thinking that a small renovation project will only take 2-3 days. That mainly depends on the size of your bathroom, the sequence of installation events and how many items you’re going to change. Each project is unique and your contractor should be the best one to advise you on the expected timetable.

starting a bathroom renovationApart from the renovation works, you should also take into account the “pre-planning” and “intermediate steps”. Your first considerations have to focus on the design of the space. Product placement needs to be determined, measurements need to be confirmed, mechanical systems need to be considered and the finished vision needs to be defined.

Often your contractor will offer creative design solutions and together you create the perfect space for your family. Once the design has been set down, it’s time to go about ordering all of the components for your project – and this logistical process is one of the most critical to ensure product is available when needed and delays avoided.

Items like rough-ins, fixtures, accessories, tiles, custom-made cabinet, and so on. While some items may be in stock at the, many items for a renovation are considered custom to the project and require lead time to ensure availability for timely installation. The planning stage is the most crucial step of your renovation.

4) Communicating with Your Contractor

Now that you understand the scope and complexity of your renovation project, start talking to your contractor and their design team. Let them know your plans and ideas. If there’s anything questionable with your project, they will help you avoid problems and pitfalls.

While some people try to save their money on labor by renovating the bathroom themselves. A typical bathroom can take 80 or more “man hours” of highly skilled labour to complete from start to finish.

starting a bathroom renovation

They are time consuming, detailed projects that required a high level of professional finishing in order to add value to your home and provide years of trouble free enjoyment for your family. Hiring the right Contractor to build your next bathroom ensures top shelf results.

Personalize your renovation to match your families lifestyle and meet your specific expectations. For all of your bathroom renovation needs, contact the team at Plumbing Mart. All of our renovation projects come with a 5-year warranty and a free in-home consultation. Let’s get started today!

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