5 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Home Before Winter

renovation before winter

5 Reasons You Should Renovate Your Home Before Winter

The fall is a difficult time of year for homeowners. Because of the dropping temperatures, working on outdoor projects is difficult. Finding the motivation to make improvements on your home can seem like an impossible challenge. However, the fall is an ideal time for home renovations. Get some inspiration by learning why you should renovate your home before winter.

Why You Should Renovate Before the Winter Season

  1. Help is More Available

In the warm weather, most homeowners have grand ideas of improving their homes. The sunny weather gives people the motivation to fix up their homes. As people enjoy barbecues and friendly get-togethers, they get ideas for new decks, siding repairs, and more.

For that reason, the late summer and early fall is a busy time for contractors. If you have renovation ideas, you might need to wait for availability. Everyone could have the same idea as you.  
winter home renovationIf you wait until the spring to do home renovations, you could be in for a long wait. Typically, the spring is the busiest time of the year. It doesn’t take long for a contractor’s calendar to fill up. You might need to act early to schedule your renovations.

Rather than be the last project on a contractor’s to-do list, you could be the number one priority. If you renovate your home before winter, the contractor might have almost unlimited availability. You could be one of the only projects a contractor takes on. As a result, you get more flexibility in your scheduling. You also get more attention as a client, which goes a long way.

  1. The Price is More Affordable

The cost of home renovations is much like the cost of other goods and services. It relies on supply and demand. In the spring and summer, there is a high demand for home renovations. Therefore, contractors increase their prices.

Similarly, materials can cost more in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter. By choosing to renovate your home right before the winter chill sets in you can save your money. Certain contractors might be willing to give you lower rates for work in the fall or early winter.

You also might be able to find some deals on new appliances. Planning on remodeling your kitchen? In the fall and winter, most stores transition to selling the new year’s models. You can get great deals on the “older” appliances. However, they will still be new and better than your old appliances. Shopping at the right time of year can make all the difference.

When you’re planning a home renovation, you shouldn’t make money your only focus. However, your budget is an important part of your plan. A pre-winter renovation can help you stay on budget and get more bang for your buck.

  1. More Options and Product Availability

Once again, the demand of spring and summer renovations can damper your own plans. When you renovate in the busy season, you need to compete with other homeowners. Your favorite sink faucet might be the latest trend. It could go out of stock before you have the chance to order it.

When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t have to settle. And renovating during the busy season can make you do just that. Instead of trying to find another sink faucet, you can get the one you love. With more options available in the fall, home renovations are easier.

Because you don’t need to worry about items going out of stock, you don’t need to worry about making rash decisions. If you see something you love, you can take your time researching the product. You might find that the product has bad reviews. Having more time to make decisions can be the difference between a bad renovation and a successful one.

There’s another advantage to shopping during the quiet time of year. In addition to having more options, you can make more educated decisions. Generally, sales people are more available in the fall. They have more time to answer your questions and tell you about the products. You get all the information you need to make the right decision.

  1. Quicker Approval Times

Many home renovations require approval from your local government. In the spring and summer, government offices are swamped with inquiries and paperwork. They could take months to grant you the permits you need for your renovations.

If you renovate your home before winter, you can save yourself some time. The cold weather brings the offices a lighter workload. If you need a permit or an inspector, you should have a short wait time. This allows you to get on with your renovations, rather than getting caught up in the red tape.

renovation planning permitThere’s nothing worse than stagnant home renovations. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. Demolishing walls, changing electrical circuits, and changing your home’s layout can all require permits. Your home renovation can take longer than expected if you’re waiting for your permit. If you want to do what you can to speed up the process, apply for it in the fall or winter.

  1. Prepare for the Warm Weather

Although the winter often feels long and drawn out, spring always sneaks up on people. Why waste the few months of great weather working on home renovations? Instead of fixing up your home in the summer, you can get a headstart so your home can be enjoyed to the maximum come the warm months.

There are plenty of outdoor projects that you can do in the fall or early winter. For example, you can expand your deck or add a screened in patio to your yard. By the time the summer arrives, you will be able to enjoy your new yard.

Although you can’t always do outdoor projects in the winter, you could get a break in the weather. It might be enough time to get your home ready for the hot season.

Getting Started

Don’t wait to make your home the one of your dreams. Renovate your home before winter, and your home will be ready for the change of seasons. If you’re ready for a fall or winter renovation, contact us at Plumbing Mart. Let us help your home bloom like the flowers before spring arrives.

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