Visiting Cooksville in Mississauga

Cooksville is a neighborhood in the city of Mississauga located at the intersection of Hurontario and Dundas streets adjacent to the Cooksville Creek. This area was initially called Harrisville named after Daniel Harris, an American immigrant, who bought a small land in 1809 and constructed a sawmill there. Later in 1819, Jacob Cook bought 100 acres at the southwest corner of Hurontario, and Dundas street and the area was renamed to Cooksville in Jacob’s honor. Cooksville was chosen as the Toronto township hall site and remained as the center until the establishment of the city center to the north.

Shopping in Cooksville

Many homeowners choose Cooksville due to its central location, proximity to major shopping malls, easy access to highways and the near GO transit in the location. Life in Cooksville is convenient since the area is situated at the heart of Mississauga south of Square one shopping center which has various entertainment amenities. The shopping center is minutes away from Burnhamthorpe and Hurontario, with more than 1,600,000 sq of retail space and over 360 stores. Cooksville is a busy place during the day but quiet and serene during the night.


Cooksville has one of the most reliable train services in the entire Mississauga. For people staying in the south, train transport would be the best alternative. The area has a convenient bus service and express city buses ferrying passengers to Toronto Union Station. The area has one of the best public transportation linking to the rest of the city.

Attractions and Entertainment

Cooksville residents enjoy some of the best amenities including Port credit to the south and Mississauga city center to the north. Port credit is known for housing Mississauga’s cultural entertainment joints hosting award-winning festivals and top-notch restaurants. It is an ideal shopping destination for people living in Cooksville for its unique shops and excellent services. The Mississauga city center houses many utilities like restaurants, parks, public library, celebration square, and many others.

Schools in Cooksville

There are well-performing schools located on the southwest part of Cooksville rating as the best schools in the whole of Mississauga. The available elementary schools include

  • Cashmere Avenue PS
  • Corsair Ps
  • Munden Park PS
  • Floradale PS
  • Clifton PS